Sharing and moving a journey

Share your workflows with other users so that they can simply set up the connections and start using them immediately. Move your integrations across folders through a simple drag and drop gesture.

Sharing creates a replica of a journey that is usable to a user without the need of creating it from the scratch. Sharing serves two advantages:

  • Quick delivery of the journey to a customer.
  • Saves time as it eliminates the redundant work of creating the same journey in different accounts.

Gupshup generates a web-like URL for each journey which can be sent via any messaging platform to a dedicated person or a group of users. Clicking the link redirects the user/group to the shared journey. They can then import it into their account and start using it. Let's see how to share a journey in detail.


Sharing a journey

Go to your Gupshup Integrations account and select the journey you want to share with a user: