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With 1.5 Billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp has become a global gateway to stay connected with our friends and family from any location, 365*24*7. Businesses worldwide have already been using WhatsApp informally to communicate with customers, whether for product inquiries or transactional updates. WhatsApp Business API provides businesses with a new way to manage such conversations with their customers while also reaching out to new customers who are used to this seamless, fast, convenient, and private messaging experience.

This guide provides specifications of the Gupshup's Messaging API for WhatsApp Business to send and receive messages on WhatsApp via a simple REST API through HTTP/HTTPS modes.



This guide is for developers and IT personnel of enterprises who plan to integrate their systems with Gupshup's Messaging API.

It is applicable for applications (app) of type Access API, created after 28th January 2020 on our platform. If you have an app created before the said date, please migrate the app to V2.

The process of getting started with WhatsApp business API comprises of three main parts:

  1. Create an app
  2. Set a Webhook/Callback URL to receive inbound events and messages
  3. Go Live with your WhatsApp Business API number


Before you start

To create an app on, you must signup/login using a Google, Facebook, or Github account.

If you need multiple users to access and manage the same dashboard, please make sure to signup using an account whose credentials you can share amongst your team.

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