Get Access Token for an App

Use this API to get the access token for your Gupshup App

You can use this token to get App’s templates, submit templates, send messages etc.
You will need below details to start using this API.

  1. Partner token


Authorization{{PARTNER_TOKEN}}JWT Token issued post Partner login
App ID{{APP_ID}}Unique Identifier for Gupshup App. The ID should be a valid App ID of Gupshup

The App must be associated with the account that owns the PARTNER_APP_TOKEN being utilized.

Sample Request

curl --location --request GET '{{APP_ID}}/token/' \
--header 'Authorization: {{PARTNER_TOKEN}}'

Sample Response

    "status": "success",
    "token": {
        "token": "sk_20c901e*********2a592484********1",
        "authoriserId": "aac***e8-d**c-****-a93f-**d6d5a***e8",
        "requestorId": "4**2",
        "createdOn": 1705905891100,
        "modifiedOn": 1705905891100,
        "expiresOn": 0,
        "active": true
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