Feature #1: Personalised Template Messaging

This functionality helps users to send 1-0-1 messages (sending a single templatised message to one record at a time).

Considering the example of Lead object.

Go to App Launcher and select Gupshup App from the list.

  • Go to the Lead object
  • Open a lead record
  • Check for WhatsApp Global Opt In field on the details page and ensure that it is checked.
    a. User can only send messages to records which have WhatsApp Global Opt- In field checked.

Note - “WhatsApp Global Opt-In” – The “True” value of this field denotes that consent was opt-in outside of salesforce by app user.

  • Click on the Send WhatsApp Message Button

  • WhatsApp Messaging Screen Will Pop – Up

  • Select Channel (from where you need to send the Message)
  • Select Number (On which the Message is to be sent)

  • Click on the template Selection Button on the Bottom Left

  • Template Selection tab will pop up
  • Select Category of the template

Note - Setting up a template is outside salesforce scope, these templates are pre-approved from WhatsApp**

  • Select the template for the particular category
    • There are four categories – Text, Image, Video and Document
    • The selected template caption can be previewed in the template preview box below
    • For Media files, user need to upload the files and preview will be available on the screen.

  • Click on send
  • “Message sent successfully” pops up and “Message sent” reflects in the “Chat history” screen.

  • Message will be received on the selected number