Authentication Template

If your mobile app offers users the option to receive one-time passwords or verification codes via the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Business app, you must use an authentication template with a one-time password button (OTP) to deliver the password or code.

Authentication templates with OTP buttons consist of the following:

  • Preset authentication message template fixed text:
    • <VERIFICATION_CODE> is your verification code.
    • Security disclaimer (optional): For your security, do not share this code.
    • Expiration warning (optional): This code expires in <NUM_MINUTES> minutes.
  • Button:
    • A COPY_CODE button copies the one-time password or code to the user's clipboard. The user can then manually switch to your app and paste the password or code into your app's interface.
    • A ONE_TAP autofill button automatically loads and passes your app the one-time password or code.


URLs, media, and emojis are not supported. Because authentication templates with OTP buttons only consist of preset text and buttons, their risk of being paused is significantly minimized.

Refer here to understand, when it's appropriate to use an authentication template.

Known Limitations

  • When a new Authentication template is created its data and meta fields will not have updated data until it is accepted by meta in async.
  • The new Authentication template is currently not supported for Indian businesses.

Refer here to dive deep and gather information on authentication templates with one-time password buttons.