Compliance and guidelines

When connecting with and messaging clients using Messenger, it's crucial to keep in mind and use a number of precautions to guarantee compliance. This involves adhering to regional laws and regulations regarding message windows and consumer data protection.

To avoid having a communication route stopped, make sure to maintain compliance. This can lead to a long-term suspension.

Initiating a communication

You can initiate two-way communication with customers only after they have established contact with your business first through Messenger.

Responding to users

You must respond within the 24-hour window of receiving a message through Messenger, even if you are using a chatbot. You can alleviate this by using message tags, which allow you to respond later.


EU and EEA members follow their own set of privacy rules. This has implications when using Messenger as a channel. Gupshup will still process and forward all requests, but depending on the geographical location of the audience, requests will be blocked or undelivered by Meta.

Human-agent support

The Human Agent feature allows your app to have a human agent respond to user messages using the human_agent tag within 7 days of a user's message. The allowed usage for this feature is to provide human agent support in cases where a user’s issue cannot be resolved in the standard messaging window. Examples include when the business is closed for the weekend, or if the issue requires more than 24 hours to resolve.

High-Volume Messaging

If a Page sends more than 40 messages per second or is constantly sending or receiving messages in a large number of conversations at the same time, new messages will not be displayed in the Page Inbox and the Page can not send new messages until the message volume decreases.

If a Page hits the high volume limit, API calls to get all conversations will fail, however, you can still call a single conversation to get new messages for that conversation.