Gupshup Inbound Call Center as the name suggests its the customer calling the agent. In this solution whenever the customer calls in the agent's number the agent receives the call and the call can be queued or a sound file can be played if the agent is busy. All the settings of the sound file's DTMF is made through the IVR studio.

How it is done - We set the account of the user and map the agents to the number. If the organisation is taking the softphones(It's not a physical device the number can be used by the agent to receive calls on a computer via softphone). We can also manage the queue structure of the agents. Once the customer ends the call the call recording is saved.

Product Name

Gupshup Inbound Call Center.

Target audience

Gupshup Inbound Call Center API is intended for the developers and clients alike who plan to integrate their systems with the Gupshup Inbound Call Center.