Getting Started

Prerequisites to connect to API

To start using the click-to-call API, you should have:

  • User ID & password. If you don’t have an account, you can create one at Gupshup Click to Call.
  • A number allocated on the account
  • API Key and x-api-key is required for API calls.
  • Billing should be enabled.
  • Plan with sufficient credits should be present.
  • KYC should be completed.
  • Indemnity bond/Optin is required for Transactional DND Calls.
    • If Number is in DND Call Registry then for Enabling Optin, Customer needs to call SR Number then that customer will be callable from Make Call API, Note : It takes around 5 minutes to enable optin for the customer.
    • For Indemnity bond physical document needs to signed.

Required Parameters