Gupshup Enterprise SMS Application Programming Interface (API) provides a facility to broadcast messages. You can use this API to send messages to a single mobile number or to multiple mobile numbers or send multiple messages to groups of mobile numbers programmatically.

Product Name

Gupshup Enterprise SMS API

Target audience

Gupshup Enterprise SMS API is intended for the developers and clients alike who plan to integrate their systems with the Bulk SMS service of Gupshup.


The Gupshup Enterprise SMS API is useful when you want to broadcast SMS to your customers using a SMS channel. You can use the Gupshup Enterprise SMS API to send:

  • single SMS to specific customer
  • single SMS to multiple customers
  • multiple SMS to group of customers
  • SMS to international customers
  • SMS in different languages
  • retrieve the zone information of customers
  • track required links for customers
  • generate OTP for customers
  • generate realtime SMS delivery reports.


The following terms are relevant to understand Gupshup Enterprise SMS API

principalEntityIdThe Entity ID, registered with the DLT platform. Every entity has to register themselves on the operator's DLT portal to send messages.
dltTemplateIdThe Template ID, registered with the DLT platform for the Entity ID. Each entity has to register templates to send messages to their registered customers.

Get Support

The Gupshup SMS Enterprise site contains important information about products and different channels you can use to send messages. You can use the Sign Up page to create an account for you if you are using Gupshup SMS channel for the first time. Or else you can use the Contact Us page to fill in your details, so that our support team can connect with you for account creation. You can also write to our support team. For any queries, our support is available for you at 022 42006799.

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