Call & Return Node

This is one of the action nodes to call another journey from the ongoing journey and return back to the same journey when the called journey is executed completely.

This helps in breaking a larger chatbot journey is smaller journeys and calling them on a journey as and when required.

When to use

Call & Return node is helpful in calling a subpart of a chatbot journey in a journey.
For instance: A lead generation bot along with post-sales support is to be made, in this situation, a sub journey for Lead generation can be made along with post-sales support use cases like order tracking, return or refund separately in the chatbot.

The lead generation sub-journey can be called in the main journey using the call & return node.

How to use

The call & return node is present on the left panel in the action & prompt menu.

NOTE: Only deployed Journey can be seen in the dropdown of Call & Return Node.

Call & Return Node