Pre Built Journey

The pre-built embedded journeys is a collection of pre-configured ready-to-use journeys consisting of some highly-recommended third-party apps from Gupshup Integrations Platform app directory. These journeys are smart, efficient, and reliable to automate your work.

All of these journeys are created by Gupshup Integration platform users by understanding the depth of the business requirements that could make one's life easier. The journeys then go through a phase of rigorous testing to get precision in terms of problem-solving. Once done, the journey is submitted to Gupshup admin for moderation and once it's approved, the journey gets readily available on Gupshup Integration platform.

When you click the Pre-built Journeys button, you will see a list of journeys. These journeys are entitled with a unique heading depicting the purpose of their usage:


Figure 1: Journey Store

Create Instance of Prebuilt Journey

In the journeys tab also highlight the Journey Name and the journey description
Importing a journey from the journey store
Click on the Try this journey you want to use. The chosen journey will open showcasing the trigger, actions, and conditions in-use. Refer to the following figure:


Figure 2: A Journey in the Journey Store

Add Connections

Click the “Try this journey” button located at the top right-hand side corner of the screen. As soon as you try this journey from the Journey Store, a copy of it gets automatically saved in a folder named Home and you'll be redirected to the journey configuration window of this journey:


Figure 3: Configuring the Journey

Here, you need to edit the event and action field details as per your requirements and authorize and connect each in-use third-party app using your credentials with Integration. It is the same as authorizing an app while creating a journey.
Once you are done with the authorization, save your changes and get the journey into work by clicking the Start Journey button. The journey will start working for you as if you have created it from scratch. Through this, you can refer to the journey a number of times and make appropriate changes to it as per your needs.