Oracle Responsys

Start Automated WhatsApp Campaigns and engage your customer from Responsys

App Overview

Getting your WhatsApp Business Account integrated with your Oracle Responsys portal will be very beneficial for reaching out to your leads and contacts on their most favorite messaging platform and converting them into your customers. Start text message and multimedia WhatsApp marketing campaigns directed to your leads and contacts, using the Oracle Responsys Program Designer.

Configure your Gupshup WhatsApp Business or Gupshup WhatsApp Self-Serve in Oracle Responsys. Get your approved templates and apply formulas to your message templates for personalization.

Allow us to facilitate your WhatsApp communication without any hiccups while you can concentrate on getting more customers for your business and keeping them happy!


  1. Seamless integration: Our integration seamlessly integrates with Oracle Responsys Program Designer interface and you can gain control of your WhatsApp business account directly from within Responsys without using any other tool.
  2. Run WhatsApp campaigns and send personalized template messages: Run marketing campaigns on WhatsApp to increase conversion and boost sales. Use Program Designer to automate communication with your contacts on WhatsApp. Run drip campaigns for you contacts at various points of the marketing/sales funnel.
  3. Multiple users can use the same account: All communication goes through company’s single WhatsApp for business account.
  4. Rich Media Support: Along with Text messages, our solution support Various media formats such as Image, documents (.pdf), Video (.mp4). This allows businesses to send visually engaging and informative messages to their customers.

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