How do the Elements of Bot Studio Work Together?

The Bot Studio has the following elements:

  1. Nodes - Building blocks of each journey
    1. Message Nodes
    2. Prompt Nodes
    3. Action Nodes
  2. Controls on Bot Studio Canvas - Makes the usage of canvas easy
  3. Journey Templates - Pre-built ready to deploy templates
  4. User Journeys - Consists of multi-journeys which are triggered by user inputs and default journeys that define the logic of the Bot
    1. User Journeys designed by Bot Designer - These Journeys are triggered based on user inputs
    2. Default Journeys -
      1. Configuration Journey - View Only Overview of the Bot Logic. This shows the user journeys that will be triggered for user inputs, marketing journeys that will be triggered for marketing campaigns and ad journeys that will be triggered for ads.
      2. Fallback Journey - The Fallback Journey is default journey that is called when a node in any journey fails to execute if user input is not received correctly
      3. Welcome Journey - The Welcome Journey is the first journey triggered for users when their inputs are unable to trigger a user journey. This can be overwritten by using user input as triggers for user journeys
    3. Triggering a User Journey - The Start Node of each journey can be used to configure user inputs for which journeys will be triggered in run-time
  5. Saving and Deploying Journeys - A Journey can be Saved and Deployed at different instances. Deploying a journey makes it live in rum-time
  6. Manage API - Interact with entities outside Bot Studio with APIs
  7. Manage Variable - Save data in variables and use them during Bot runtime
  8. Campaign Journeys for Marketing - Convert one-way campaign journeys to interactive journeys when customer responds to the marketing campaign
  9. Ad Journeys for Ads Campaigns - Trigger interactive ad journeys when customer responds to an ad on Facebook or Instagram
  10. Additional Language support