Goal Analytics

After creating a Goal and implementing within a journey, you can track it through Goal Analytics.

You can access Goal Analytics for a Goal by clicking the Analytics (pie chart) icon that appears while hovering on a Goal in the Goals Dashboard.

  • The name and description of the Goal are present at the top of the screen.
  • You can select the time period for your Goal's analytics using the start date and end date filters.
  • Goal Achieved represents the number of sessions in which all Milestones of that Goal were achieved.
  • The Status line graph displays the time-interval spaced progress of the Goal being achieved.
  • The Milestones table displays the progress of individual Milestones and their Trackers being achieved.



The Download option next to each Milestone provide an Excel file containing a list of all values entered by users for the Trackers of that Milestone.

Downloaded Tracker data

Downloaded tracker data

Goal Analytics on the Goal Node

You can also get analytics for a Goal by turning on the Analytics toggle present on the Bot Studio Canvas.

  • Milestone Achieved and Goal Achieved will be the two metrics displayed on the Goal Node.
  • The metrics will be populated for the Goal and Milestone selected in the node.
  • Clicking View Detailed Analytics takes the user to the Goal Analytics of the selected Goal.