Automation Workflows

  1. To Create a Workflow rule, Go to Settings -> Automation -> Workflow Rules. Click Create Rule Button.
  1. Follow Create New Rule Popup window will open. Now,
  • Choose Module
  • Input a Rule Name & Description
  • Click Next
create a new rule

create a new rule

  1. Choose Date/Time or event to execute the rule
Choose trigger

Choose trigger

  1. Select condition.
select a condition

select a condition

  1. Select Custom Action As WhasappMessageByGupshup

  1. Select Receivers Number

  2. Select Template Category

  3. Choose the desired Template from the Dropdown

  4. Please select variable if any from drop down.

  5. Click on Submit button to save workflow.

  6. Enter Name and click on Save and Associate

  7. Click Save. New Rule will show in Workflow Rules. Make sure status is ON.