RBM Agent (Bot)

Brand needs to create an RBM Agent (bot) which is a verified Sender Id for the brand.

Agent Use Case

Each RBM agent is created with a use case that reflects the nature of the conversations it intends to have with end users. The following use cases are supported for RBM Agents that need to be launched in India.

  • OTP: One-time passwords required to securely authenticate an account or confirm a transaction
  • Transactional: Notifications, updates or alerts to share information directly relevant to a customer’s existing services or products, such as alerts for suspicious account activities, purchase confirmations, and shipping notifications.
  • Promotional: Sales, marketing and promotional messages to new or existing customers, with the objective to increase awareness, engagement and sales.
    Brands need to create separate agents for each use case. For example, if Brand A needs to send OTPs, transactional notifications as well as promotional messages, they will need to create three different agents, say Brand A for Promotional and Brand A - Alerts for Transactional and Brand A Secure for OTP. On the other hand, Brand B may only want to use RCS for Promotional and Transactional and can have two agents, Brand B - Offers (for Promotional) and Brand B (for Transactional).

Business Rules

As part of the relaunch of RBM in India, there are certain Business Rules that all brands need to follow. These include some rules that are applicable for all RBM Agents regardless of their Agent Use Case, and some additional business rules for Promotional Agents.

One key rule that all agents must follow is that agents can only send an approved Template Message to a user, unless the user responds to the brand. Once the user responds to the brand, the brand’s RBM agent can send non-template messages as well.