#2 Two-way Messaging

Two-way / Session Messaging

This functionality helps users to send Two Way WhatsApp messages(allows users to send and receive messages from a WhatsApp number through a WhatsApp messaging platform)

Note: Brands can reply to a customer’s query on WhatsApp only within 24 hours from the customer’s last message on Brands business WhatsApp. When a user sends a message to your WhatsApp Business API, they become an active user. A session starts from the latest user message. Sessions remain Active for 24 hours.

To receive a customer's inbound message, we needs to set a callback URL in the WABA account. Please refer the below section How to setup callback URL

  • Considering the example of Candidates module.
  • Go to the Candidates module
  • Open a candidate record
  • Click on the WhatsApp Message Button
  1. WhatsApp Messaging Screen Will Pop – Up, click on Session Messaging
  2. Select the channel and destination as shown below

If the session is not active you’ll see the above message, as mentioned above session will be active only for 24hrs from the customer’s last message.

  1. If the session is active, you’ll be able to send the message.