Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) FAQs

Question: Is the Gupshup integration platform similar to Zapier?

Response: We provide 2 kinds of offerings: Native integration and Gupshup platform integrations. The Gupshup platform integration works similar to Zapier, but more focused towards automation for business communication on WhatsApp and other channels. We also have an integration with Zapier which can help you create more powerful workflows.

Question: Are Gupshup integrations free?

Response: Yes, all our integrations are free to use. You just have to purchase WhatsApp credits based on usage. We also provide credits worth 5 dollars for trial when you register for the first time.

Question: Do I need to be a professional developer to use Gupshup’s integrations?

Response: You don’t need any coding knowledge and our platform is easy to use for citizen developers. If you need any assistance, you can connect with our sales/support team.

Question: Is it possible to create workflows and use them from an API call?

Response: Yes, Gupshup’s integration platform enables you to do this.

Question: How do I search for different connectors supported on the Gupshup Integration platform?

Response: Gupshup Integration platform has 1000+ connectors ready-to-use. You can search all platform connectors that are available on or contact support team for help.

Question: Can I use my social credentials for logging-in?

Response: Yes, you can use your Facebook, Google or Github credentials to login and access the Gupshup integration platform.