What is a web widget?

A web widget is a small, portable application that can be embedded within a web page. These widgets can provide a variety of functionalities, such as displaying dynamic content, providing interactive features, or integrating with external services.

How are web widgets created?

Web widgets are often created using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and can be embedded in a web page using an iframe or script tag.

What are some common examples of web widgets?

  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Weather forecasts
  • Payment systems
  • Video players
  • Calendar
  • News ticker
  • Contact forms
  • Comments sections

What are the benefits of using web widgets?

  • They can be easily embedded in multiple web pages, making it simple to share functionality across different sites.
  • They can often be customized to fit the style and branding of the host website.
    They provide a convenient way for developers to add dynamic functionality and content to web pages, without the need for extensive development work.