Carousels or cards are multi-product messages which consist of an image of the product, a short description, and clickable buttons. Carousels are widely used for showcasing multiple products in a message. Each card can have a description of a product. A maximum of 10 products can be shown using carousels.

A card has the following constituents:

Image: An image can be uploaded on the card using a URL, the image can be of 8 MB maximum, and JPEG, JPG, and PNG images can be uploaded.

Title: A text field where a title to the image can be added giving a brief description of the item in the image. It can be 80 characters maximum. Emojis and variables are supported in the title field.

Subtitle: A field to enter supporting text for the card. It can be a description of the product. 80 characters can be added to the description. Emojis and variables are supported. This field is optional and can be added as per the requirement.

Buttons: To set actions in the card for a customer, buttons are used. Each button can lead to a URL or a payload. 1 button is mandatory.

When to use

To showcase multiple products in a message using cards, carousels can be used.


  1. A maximum of 10 cards can be added.
  2. A maximum of 3 buttons can be added to a card.
  3. Image size can’t exceed more than 8 MB

How to use

Carousel is a message type available in the action & prompts menu.

Demo Video

Carousel Node