Send Template Messages

Template messages are Highly Structured(HSM)/ Notification messages. Once your WhatsApp Business API is Live, you can create template messages and submit them to WhatsApp for approval. You can send Template messages to users that you have opted-in. To know how you can opt-in users, read frequently asked questions.

Once the HubSpot app has been installed in the account, user start sending WhatsApp messages.

  • For sending WhatsApp messages, user need to click on contacts which is present on top of the Navigation bar. Once the user clicked on contacts, it will be redirected to the contact list page.
select contacts

select contacts

  • User needs to click on contact from the list and then the system will redirect user to the contact details of that selected contact.
  • Once the user redirected to contact detail page, User need to look for Gupshup CRM card which is present on the right of the contact detail page.

  • Users need to click on the card button named “Send WhatsApp Message” which is present on the Gupshup CRM card.
  • Once the user clicked on the button “Send WhatsApp Message”, One pop-up screen will open.

The screen contains 5 files.

  • Select channel: This dropdown is used to select the channel from user the message needs to be send.

  • Select Number: This fields will show the phone number on which the message will send. This phone number is picked from the contact in HubSpot which user selected in step.

  • Template: Once the user selects the category from dropdown, All the approved templates from that category will starts reflecting in Template dropdown box.

  • Message: Message box will show the preview of the message which needs to send to contact.

    • Category: this dropdown having four different message type.

      • i. Text: This option will select for sending Templatize Text message.
        ii. Document: This option will select for sending Templatize Text caption with attached document file.
        iii. Video: This option will select for sending Templatized Text captioned with attached video.
        iv. Image: This option will select for sending Templatize Text captioned with attached Image.
  • On this screen user needs for select the channel first from channel dropdown. All configured channels will show here which the admin has configured at the time of installing the app.

  •  Once the user selects the channel, The categories dropdown will get its values.

  • Once the user selects the categories, All the approved templates from that particular category will starts reflecting in Template dropdown box.
    NOTE: - Only approved Template will be shown here in the template dropdown list.

  • Once the user selects the template, The preview of the message will show in Message box.
    i. For Plain Text message:

    • ii. For Variable message: If user selects a template in which there are some variable present, then user need to put the value for every variable present in the template. For example, in below template, there is only one variable present. So, next box will be visible in from on variable name {{1}}. Once the user put the value in that text box it gets merged with template message.
    • Once the variable value put into the text box the message box shows the real time of the message which will going to send.
    • For Multimedia Message (Image, Video and Document):     
      Once the user selects category (Image, Video and Document), Then user will see two more new section on the screen.
Send image message

Send image message

send video messages

send video messages

Users needs to click on 1 section to upload the Image from their local hard drive, Document and video and the section 2 will show preview of the selected Multimedia file and message box will show the captioned of the message.

  1. Once the template selected check the preview and if all are fine then click on the “Submit button” to send the message.

  2. Once the “Submit” button clicked, the user will get the success message.