Verify the newly created Intents and Entities by inputting sample phrases to accurately interpret and respond to user inputs.

Empty Teach Screen

Empty Teach Screen

  • Go to Teach tab on the AI Admin section.
  • Type any utterance and click on the + icon to add the utterance.
  • The utterance gets added and can be edited.
Teach Screen with Utterances

Utterances added on the Teach screen

  • Click on the accordion and check the Intent identified. Users can change the Intent if needed from the list of pre-created Intents.
  • Double-click on the terms to highlight it, from an utterance and edit any Entity, type of Entity, and its value.
Editing Intents and Entities identified

Editing Intents and Entities identified

  • Click on the Retrain button to train the edited Intents and Entities edited.

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