With the Messenger Platform, you can build messaging solutions that allow you to connect to your customers, potential customers, and followers.

The Messenger Platform allows your app to send and receive messages between your Facebook Business Page and your customers, potential customers, and followers. These conversations are supported by Messenger from Meta infrastructure and appear as Messenger conversations. Conversations can begin via the Facebook Page for your business, your Page's Facebook Posts, your website via a chat plugin, and more.

Key features

MessagingSend and receive text, media, structured templates, and so much more
Chat ExtensionsExtend your reach and make your Messenger experience available to every conversation
WebviewBuild web-based experiences with the dev tools and frameworks you already love
NLPGet conversational and gain context with natural language processing built right in
DiscoveryReach new people and re-engage with ones you know on Messenger, Facebook, and the web
AnalyticsGain insights, monitor performance, and track your success
IDs and ProfilePersonalize conversations, link with your existing auth, and create unified experiences

How it works

A person sends a message to your business Page or Instagram Professional account while logged in to Facebook or Instagram, or via a Meta plugin while visiting your mobile app or website. Your business Page or Instagram Professional account can use the Messenger Platform to handle the person's message, either sending an automatic reply, having a live agent respond or a combination of automation and live agent.

Messaging flow

When a person sends your business Page or Instagram Professional account a message, a webhook is triggered and sends you a notification that your business Page has received a message. Your app can then make calls to the Meta social graph to get this conversation, determine the appropriate reply, and send a response to the person within 24 hours. The platform allows you to do this at scale and provides a wide variety of conversation entry points and message types.