List Node

This node helps to create a list of a maximum of 10 Items that can be put into sections/categories.

There is a main message along with sections, rows, and descriptions to create a list message.

List Node Elements

List Message has the following fields:

  1. Main Message (Body)
  2. A button (To open the list)
  3. Footer Field (To add short supporting text)
  4. Rows (To add Items)
  5. Section Title (To add categories)

When to use

Send a small catalog of 10 items to your customers over WhatsApp.
You can define categories and subcategories in the list. A description can be added to the products, however, it is optional to add.


  1. Message can’t be empty
  2. The button title can’t be empty (1 button mandatory)
  3. Row title can not be empty (1 row mandatory)
  4. Elements and their respective character limits:
Element NameCharacter Limit
Message1024 characters
Footer60 characters
Button Title20 character
Row Description72 characters
Row title24 characters
Section Title20 characters

How to use List Node

List Node