What is Bot Studio

Bot Studio is a Low code/No code platform which allows you to design conversational flows and automate conversations using a chatbot.

Use of Bot Studio

Bot Studio allows you to design an automated conversational journey for a set use case for a customer who is reaching out to the business for some sort of communication.

For instance: You want to help users in placing an order and converse with them to increase the chances of sales when the user is present on your website. To solve the problem, you can deploy a chatbot on your website which can help customers in knowing about an item, get help in placing an order, etc.

To design such types of conversations, a Bot Studio is required.

The scope of Bot Studio is vast. A few are mentioned below:

  • Automating a lead generation use case.
  • Sending marketing campaigns
  • Pre-sales, Post sales support
  • Customer support

Bot Studio Documentation:

  1. Nodes
    1. Message Nodes
    2. Prompt Nodes
    3. Action Nodes
  2. Controls on Bot Studio Canvas
  3. Journey Templates
  4. User Journeys
    1. Default Journeys - Configuration Journey, Fallback Journey and Welcome Journey
    2. Journeys designed by Bot Designer
    3. Triggering a User Journey
  5. Saving and Deploying Journeys
  6. Manage API
  7. Manage Variable
  8. Journeys for Marketing Campaigns
  9. Journeys for Ad Campaigns
  10. Additional Language support
  11. FAQs of Bot Studio
  12. Beta Features on Bot Studio - Database and Send Message Node

These elements are discussed further.