Quickstart: Create your first "Access API" app

In this quickstart, you will learn how to create and configure your first Access API app via Gupshup's WhatsApp Self-Serve Platform.


  • A compatible web browser.
  • A Gupshup account. Create an account and the first wallet top-up of 5 USD is on us.


You can create only one Gupshup user account with an email address.

Perform the following steps:

  • Click here to open Gupshup's WhatsApp Self-Serve webpage.

  • Sign in using your credentials or you can also log in via Google, Facebook, or GitHub account.

  • Navigate and hover on Dashboard present in the top menu bar to open the drop-down menu. Click WhatsApp.

  • Click on Create your first app.

  • Click on Access API to select the type of the app.

  • Provide a unique app name and click on Submit.


The app name should be a minimum of six characters long and cannot contain any space or special characters.


This app's name does not reflect on your WhatsApp Business API. It is for your reference and should be unique to our platform.

What’s Next

In the next chapter of this guide, you'll get to know, what is a webhook.