Cisco Webex Teams

How to publish a bot on Cisco Webex Teams

Log in or sign up to Webex for Developers


Create a Webex App

  • After logging into your account, click the Start Building Apps button.
  • Click the Create a Bot button.
  • Enter the bot name and bot username.
  • Select an icon for your bot and enter the bot description.
  • Click the Add Bot button.

Get Access Token

  • After clicking the Add Bot button, a congratulations message is displayed along with the bot's access token.
  • Copy the access token for later use.

Submit credentials

  • Log in to the Gupshup website.
  • Go to Dashboard tab > My Bots section.
  • Select the button under the Publish column against the bot you wish to publish.
  • A list of channels will appear. Click on the Publish button against Cisco Webex Teams.
  • Scroll down and click Submit your access token.
  • Enter the access token copied earlier and click Submit.