The wallet is a feature within the Gupshup platform that tracks your balance and usage for WhatsApp Business API services. All charges incurred from the WhatsApp self-serve dashboard are deducted from this wallet.

Key Features

Available BalanceThe current balance in your wallet. e.g., 4.9183 Credits
1USD = 1 Credit
Low Balance AlertNotification indicating when the balance is low and a recharge is necessary
Total OverdraftThe amount you can overdraw, e.g., -20 Credits
Usage TrackingDetailed report of WhatsApp usage: Paid Conversations, Free Conversations, Total Messages
Billing HistoryAccess to wallet statement and invoice, with the option to view the statement anytime
Customer DetailsCustomer ID
Default TimezoneDefault Timezone. All your usage reports will show in the selected timezone
Billing DetailsContact Information: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Address, Zipcode, City, State, Country
Support ContactFor all kinds of support, please write to [email protected]
My Wallet & Usage

My Wallet & Usage

Add Credits

Adding credits to your Gupshup wallet allows you to fund your account for WhatsApp Business API usage.

Key Points For Adding Credits

  • The minimum recharge value is $10, and the maximum is $10,000.
  • If you have a coupon, you can apply it during the recharge process.
  • Credits added to the wallet are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Ensure your billing details (name, address, state, email, phone number) are up-to-date. You can change these details if necessary.
Add Balance

Add Balance


Usage refers to the real-time statistics and data related to your WhatsApp Business API activities.

Key Points About Usage

  • Real-time statistics for WhatsApp activities are displayed, and users have the option to download the same report for their records.

    Real-Time Statistics

    Real-Time Statistics

  • Messages Breakup: This section provides a detailed breakdown of messages sent and received, distinguishing between different types of messages and media attachments.

    Message Breakup

    Message Breakup

  • Conversations Breakup: This part of the report offers a breakdown of conversations based on their type, such as marketing, authentication, utility, service-related inquiries, conversations within the free entry tier, and those within the free tier plan.

    Conversation Breakup

    Conversation Breakup