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Provide customer support on WhatsApp

In this guide, we will talk about how you can Install, configure and how to send WhatsApp messages from Zoho Desk using our extension Gupshup WhatsApp Messaging for Zoho Desk

Gupshup WhatsApp Messaging for Zoho Desk

Getting your WhatsApp Business Account integrated with your Zoho Desk portal will be very beneficial if your customers frequently contact your business through WhatsApp. Your agents can directly view and respond to WhatsApp queries within the Zoho Desk ecosystem, which increase customer satisfaction and improves customer retention.
Allow us to facilitate your WhatsApp communication without any hiccups while you can concentrate on keeping your customers happy!

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Key Features:

  • Integrate your Gupshup WhatsApp business account and respond to WhatsApp queries directly from ZohoDesk
  • Multiple support agents can connect to the single WhatsApp support number to manage chats
  • Automated ticket creation message and ticket status updates to customer on WhatsApp
  • Media messages: Add image, document, and video attachments and send rich media messages

What’s Next

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