Welcome to the WhatsApp Self-Serve Platform, a bundled solution of advanced tools and APIs to help you enable WhatsApp for your business. The self-serve, easy-to-implement solution is free to set up with no billing commitment or monthly subscription fees.

WhatsApp has become a worldwide gateway to keep connected with our friends and family from any location, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Businesses all around the world have started utilizing WhatsApp to engage with clients informally, whether for product questions or transactional updates. WhatsApp Business API gives companies a new approach to managing client interactions while also reaching out to new consumers who are used to the smooth, fast, easy, and private messaging experience provided by WhatsApp.


This guide outlines the features of Gupshup's Messaging API for WhatsApp Business, which allows you to send and receive messages on WhatsApp using a simple REST API in HTTP/HTTPS modes.

Getting started

The process of getting started with the WhatsApp Business API comprises three main parts:

  • Create an app
  • Configure a Webhook/Callback URL to receive inbound events and messages
  • Go Live with your WhatsApp Business API number

Whatโ€™s Next

In the next chapter of this guide, you'll checklist the recommended requirements to make use of Gupshup's WhatsApp Self-Serve Platform.