Auth0 supports different options for enabling MFA to protect user account access: push notifications, authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, and one-time codes delivered through email, SMS, or third party products such as Duo.

Until now, Auth0 has integrated with Twilio as an SMS provider, which has been a great solution for our customers. However, some customers require additional flexibility when selecting SMS providers. For example, larger organizations may use a single provider for multiple purposes and want to leverage that provider for SMS MFA to consolidate payments and enjoy volume discounts.

Organizations choose Gupshup as SMS provider depending on their business needs. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting Gupshup as SMS and Whatsapp provider:

  • Cost: Gupshup SMS provider offer more favourable pricing and pricing models than others based on the region or country to which you want to send messages.
  • Integration with your existing software infrastructure: Gupshup is widely used in organizations as sms provider, that helps you consolidate a single view of all the communications with users, and you want to keep using it.
  • Quality of service: Gupshup SMS provider offers better deliverability rates than others based on the region or country of the receiver