Manage API

Manage APIs

It is a section where you can set all the APIs to integrate with external systems.

When to use

Setting up an API is required when you need to communicate with any external system to get, push or read some details.

For instance: You want to send user details captured on the chatbot to a CRM tool.
This is possible using Manage API, here, all the APIs can be set and used in the flow accordingly.


  1. API names can’t be the same.
  2. API names field can’t be empty.
  3. API URL field can’t be empty.
  4. Key and Value both are required.

Note: There is no limitation on the number of APIs that you want to set.

How to Use

There are two methods provided to set an API in a chatbot journey:

  1. Create an API
  2. Import APIs

A new API can be created by clicking on the New API button on the screen, all the details required (URL, API method, Key, and Value) are to be entered manually.

Import APIs can be used if a collection of APIs is to be imported from Postman. Using import APIs all the details are auto-filled on the screen.

Manage APIs Screen

To use APIs in middle of journeys, use the API Node.

URL Validations for APIs used in API Management:

  1. It checks for the presence "https://" at the beginning of a URL.
  2. It allows for an optional subdomain such as "www." in the URL.
  3. It matches the domain name, which can contain letters, digits, and various special characters, and must be between 2 and 256 characters long.
  4. It matches the Top-Level-Domain separated with dot(".") from domain name, which consists of lowercase letters and must be between 2 and 6 characters long. Eg: https://gupshup[dot.]com
  5. URL can have optional path/query parameters.
  6. Should not be localhost URL
  7. Should not contain IP address