Compliance and Guidelines

It is important to stay compliant when communicating with customers using Viber Bots. These measures include abiding by local rules and laws about customer data protection.

Non-compliance may result in being blocked from using the communication channel or being suspended permanently.

For more information, refer to the terms on the Viber website.

Opt In

End users must subscribe to your Viber Bot account before you can send them messages. You can consider their subscription as an opt-in to send them further communication until they opt-out.

Promotional Messages

You can send promotional messages only after the end-user opts into your Viber Bot channel.

Messaging Window

A session starts when an end user sends a message to your Viber Bot. The session lasts for 24 hours from the last message sent by the end user.

During the session, you can send unlimited messages without additional charge. If you send a message outside the session, you will be charged.