RCS Template

An RCS Template is a predefined set of RBM UI elements for e.g., a Rich Card with suggestions which can be used as a base for formulating messages in your campaign to the target audience.
Once a bot is created, the brand can create multiple templates against the bot and use them for running campaigns. You can add images, videos, and suggested actions for your template.
Currently, the template creation and configuration will be performed by Gupshup on behalf of the brand. The brand needs to provide the template details to Gupshup.

Gupshup RBM portal supports 3 types of templates:

  • Text Message
  • Rich Card Stand-alone
  • Rich Card Carousel

Business Rules for Promotional Agents

All Promotional RBM Agents launched for India users need to follow the Business Rules listed below:

  • Timely: Brand can send RBM messages to users only during the hour of 10am to 9pm IST (7 days a week).
  • Message limits: Each Brand can send a maximum of 4 A2P messages per brand per user per month. Messages sent after this limit is reached will result in an error.
    • Additionally, the brand can respond back to P2A messages from users.
    • Each time a user responds, brand is allowed to send 2 additional A2P messages.