Campaign Manager FAQs


Campaign Manager is marketer-friendly software that can handle a variety of multi-stage conversational campaigns, and personalize the message for different recipients.

With the Campaign Manager, marketers can design and manage lead generation, promotional, and re-engagement campaigns from a unified dashboard - they can create new message templates, and personalize variables such as name, category, offer, images, and destination URL as per business requirement. In addition to easy campaign execution at scale, marketers can also track campaign performance such as open rates, read rates, etc.

Elements of Campaign Manager

Broadcast campaigns
Trigger personalized broadcasts for up to 1 Mn contacts in one shot

Customizable templates
Create multi-stage campaigns with customizable text, rich media, buttons, and more

Personalize variables
Tailor messages effectively with custom variables such as name, text, images, videos, and links for each recipient

Fallback substitution
Maintain campaign sanctity by adding a fallback default for variables in cases where information is missing

Campaign-wise analytics
Analyze the effectiveness of your WhatsApp campaigns by tracking campaign-level engagement with metrics, including messages sent, delivered, and read


Question: How can I stop a campaign that is scheduled?
Response: Scheduled campaigns can be stopped by deleting the campaign.

Question: How can I edit a campaign?
Response: Any campaign not sent can be edited by clicking on the name of the campaign.

Question: Why do I see campaigns with a ‘draft’ status even when I have not saved the campaign as a draft?
Response: We have the campaigns auto-saved, so in case you get dropped off while creating a campaign, details are saved in the campaign.

Question: The campaign I sent isn’t showing the analytics on the listing page. Why?
Response: Numbers will not be displayed on the listing page for campaigns that fail, i.e., failed for all the phone numbers.

Question: Can I know why the campaign failed for a few numbers?
Response: We will release a “response file” feature in the next version, which will have this information with a failure reason. This file will also have other events with timestamps for all the phone numbers.

Question: Why is my campaign failing?
Response: Every phone number uploaded must be marked as opt-in, which is mandatory as per WhatsApp guidelines. Hence, it is advised first to mark users opt-in and then send a campaign.

Question: What are the different reasons for the failure of a campaign?
Response: A campaign can fail because of the following reasons -

  • Deduplication - We automatically remove duplicate phone numbers from the uploaded file.
  • Optin Validation - The campaign will only go to users marked as opted-in.
  • Value not available for a variable - If the file uploaded does not have a value against a phone number for a column selected and the fallback value is blank, then the user will not receive the message. Plus, in the case of media, if the link provided is not in the right format, then the campaign will fail for that phone number.

Question: What analytics are available?
Response: Number of users to whom the campaign is sent, delivered, read by, and failed are available at the campaign level.

Question: When do analytics get refreshed?
Response: Campaign analytics get refreshed in real time.

Question: Can I see advanced analytics like link tracking, interactive analytics, CTR, Unsubscribe, Read, CTOR, etc.?
Response: Advanced analytics is planned in the upcoming version of Campaign Manager

Question: Where can I create a template or check my Account status, Quality rating, and Message limit?
Response: All this information is available in "Channel→WhatsApp" in the left navigation menu.

Question: Can we have access to view the blocked templates?
Response: We do not get quality ratings template-wise from WhatsApp. Hence, it is not possible.