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Gupshup WhatsApp Messaging for Zoho CRM

In this guide, we will talk about how you can Install, configure and send WhatsApp messages from Zoho CRM using our extension Gupshup WhatsApp Messaging for Zoho CRM

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Gupshup WhatsApp Messaging for Zoho CRM

This Extension allows users to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from Zoho CRM.

Use Zoho CRM to engage with customers through WhatsApp unobtrusively. Send text messages and multimedia to your leads, contacts, and customers from within Zoho CRM screens. Configure your Gupshup WhatsApp Business or Gupshup WhatsApp Self-Serve in Zoho CRM. Get your approved templates, send bulk messages, and apply formulas to your message templates.

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  • Send Pre-approved template messages
  • Send Personalised Bulk WhatsApp Messages
  • Chat with leads within Zoho CRM, Chat History
  • Send Custom template messages
  • Send Media Messages e.g. image, document and video files formats.

Supported file formats:

For Gupshup Whatsapp Enterprise Accounts:

Template media messages

TypeSupported Content-types
TextEnglish and Unicode characters (max. 1024 characters)
Imageimage/jpeg, image/png
Note: Only H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec
is supported.

Non-Template (Direct) messages

TypeSupported Content-types
TextEnglish (max. 4000 characters) and Unicode characters (max. 1024 characters)
ImageImage image/jpeg, image/png
Videovideo/mp4, video/3gpp
Note: Only H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec
is supported
Documentapplication/pdf, application/msword,
application/vnd.ms-powerpoint, application/vnd.ms-
excel, text/plain

For Self-Serve Account

Note:- In Self-Serve account user can only send media messages from public URLs.

TypeSupported Content-typesSize limitNote
TextText content for the message.Maximum characters

- To include a URL preview in the message make sure
the URL begins with http://
or https://. - For a URL to
be previewed, the
hostname is required, IP
addresses are not
considered. - If a text
message has multiple
URLs, only the first URL is
Imageimage/jpeg, and image/pngMaximum
file size: 5
WhatsApp vertically crops
images with the 1:91:1
aspect ratio: 800×418
pixels. To communicate
effectively, design the
image such that the crux
information is at the
center of the image.
Videovideo/mp4, video/3gppMaximum
file size: 16
Only H.264 video codec
and AAC audio codec is
DocumentAny valid
file size:
100 MB