Code Node

Node supports JavaScript code which can help you to make more customized conversation flows.

Customized integrations, components, requirements, and anything can be coded for a better user journey.

When to use

Node is used to complete the entire end-to-end journey flow, by writing code for components not included in the journey builder or code representing custom requirements for a brand.


Code Node supports JavaScript code only.

How to use

Example: Perform the operation of adding 2 variables and save the response in a result.

  • Create a variable "num1" and "num2" on the Manage variable.
  • Create a variable "sum" to store the result of the above computation.
  • Create a journey, where the response from the user can be saved in variables "num1" and "num2" respectively
  • Use the code node to add the two numbers and store the end result in a variable "sum".
  • Show the result in any text node as a response from the chatbot. The final result would be shown using the sum variable.

Demo Video

Code Node