API Management

Convert your workflows into an API endpoint using API Management by Gupshup integration platform. The workflows execute simply by calling the APIs at the client side as per the limits and quota-usage defined.

API Management allows you to create API collections and endpoints for callable journeys. Using these collections and endpoints, you can create API calls that execute the journeys in just one click. The complete process of building, deploying, securing, managing APIs that connect applications and data across an enterprise and cloud are imbibed in the API Management feature.

To use API Management, it is essential to know its terminologies before rushing into its usage and implementation. Once you are aware of the terms, proceed with the following steps:

  • Build a journey with Callable Journey - New call as a trigger and Return response as the end step. The journey must be in the execution state.
  • Create a Path prefix if you are building an API for the first time.
  • Create a new API Collection to store the endpoints created.
  • Create an endpoint for the Callable Journey. Make a note of the API URL.
  • Create a Client and its access profile to get the API key for the API URL. API Key is mandatory to execute the API URL as it authorizes the call before initiating the journey execution.
  • Test the API URL on any API development platform such as Swagger, Postman, etc.


  • Executes callable journeys through a single mouse click.
  • Centrally manages all the APIs in one place and quickly shares them with customers, eventually saving time and cost.
  • Generates API calls can be secured with rate limits and domain-specific execution.