Installation and Setup

To start with the installation process, the user will be provided the link to install the app in HubSpot environment of theirs.

Use this URL to install the app into any HubSpot Account:
Installation Link

Steps to configure the WhatsApp Messaging with Gupshup HubSpot App:

  1. By Default, HubSpot application link will redirect the user to Choose HubSpot Account.
  2. Once User Choose Account, User will be redirected to page requesting scope access for the Gupshup App.
  3. Users need to give these requested access and needs to click on “Connect app” button. After Clicking on “Connect App” button, User will be redirected to a Channel Configuration Page.
  4. After Clicking on “Submit” button, the user will be redirected to its account or in case of multiple accounts user must select one account from the account list.