Configure your Gupshup WhatsApp account

To configure your Gupshup WhatsApp account in Hubspot CRM app, follow the instructions given below.

Once the app has been installed in your account, you need to configure the Gupshup WhatsApp account to start sending WhatsApp messages.

  • click on contacts which is present on top of the Navigation bar. you will be redirected to the contact list page.
  • Locate the Gupshup CRM card which is present on the right of the contact detail interface and click on Send Whatsapp Message button.
  • To configure a Gupshup WhatsApp account in Hubspot CRM app, you have two options. Either Click on the Settings icon located in the top right corner of the page or click on Add New Channel button in Select Channel dropdown.
  • Clicking on above button will open a page where you can enter the Gupshup Account. on this page, you need to select either self-serve or enterprise account.

Configuring Gupshup Enterprise WABA

  • If you have a Gupshup Enterprise account, please enter the following details and click submit button to save configuration.
    • Channel Name: Give any name for the account.
    • HSM Account Id: The HSM account id of your Gupshup account.
    • Password: The password of your Gupshup HSM Account.
    • WhatsApp Business No: A Verified Business Phone Number, to test sending of messages, you must have a Verified Business Phone Number linked to your account.
      Once you enter the above details, click on Submit button to save configuration details
Configure gupshup enterprise account

Configure gupshup enterprise account

If you don’t have an account, please contact your account manager. For any queries our support is available for you at 022 42006799 or email us at [enterprise- [email protected]](enterprise- [email protected])

Configuring Gupshup Self-Serve WABA

To configure the gupshup self-serve account, please enter the following details, click on the Set Callback URL checkbox and then click submit button to save configuration.

To create a Gupshup self-serve account, please refer this link

Once done with the configuration of Self Serve WABA and Hubspot's Gupshup App Extension, we need to cross check if the Callback URL is set properly with our app. In order to do this, we will have to go to the Gupshup's official website [ ] and in Whatsapp's Dashboard section [ ], we will find our App name. Just click on your App Name and then scroll down a bit to find Callback URL panel.

Click on Callback URL / Link your Bot.

Once we click on Callback URL,

  1. Please ensure that the Callback URL is enabled and
  2. Please make sure the Callback URL set is of Hubspot.

Now we are all set to experience the benefits of having a two way communication with our Clients in the Hubspots's Gupshup App Extension by :

  1. Initializing the conversation by sending a template message from Hubspot's Gupshup App Extension.
  2. After we receive the first reply from Client's end, we can then be able to have a two way chat