Signup process

Create your Facebook Business Manager account

  • Once business verification has been completed, the Facebook team will review your account. Once it's been approved, you can create a WhatsApp business account.


You can't create a WhatsApp business account until you complete the business verification. If you're creating an account on behalf of a business, they need to complete business verification before you can send a message from their WhatsApp business account.

Create a WhatsApp business account

  • Log in to Business Manager and click Business settings in the top right.
  • Below Accounts, click WhatsApp accounts and click Add.
  • On the Create WhatsApp account screen, enter a name for your business below Account name.
  • In the Messaging for box, there are two options:
  • Select Your account to create a business account for yourself.
  • Select Client's account to create an account on behalf of a business. Enter its Business Manager ID, which you can find in its Business Manager settings.
  • Below Time zone, select the time zone where your business is located.
  • Under Local currency, select the local currency of your business.
  • The currency you enter and the currency you plan to pay your invoice in must match.
  • Below Payment method, select a method of payment for your ads. If you don't have a current line of credit for payment, you can set one up.
  • Below PO number, enter the purchase order (PO) number that will appear on your invoices.
  • Below People, search for people you want to add to the account or choose them from the list.
  • Select the role you'd like to assign to each person.
  • Admin access allows people to make any changes to the account.
  • Standard access allows people to manage phone numbers, edit message templates and see metrics.

Add a phone number to your WhatsApp business account

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager.
  • Select the WhatsApp business account you want to set up a phone number for.
  • Navigate to the top bar and click Phone numbers.
  • Click Add phone number.
  • Enter your phone number and display name. Your customers will see the display name when your messages appear in their WhatsApp app.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Done.
    Your phone number will have a Name pending review label below Certificate. Once it's been approved, you'll see a View button.


For guidelines on selecting a phone number for your business, refer here.