Sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages

This extension allows you to send bulk personalised messages from any modules , just filter the number of contacts you want to send then draft your message and click on the Whatsapp message button.

Note: Bulk messaging is supported for five modules.
1. Lead
2. Contact
3. Accounts
4. Deal
5. Invoices


  • Go to the Lead module >> Select Leads that you want to send messages
  • Click on Whatsapp message button appears at the top
Bulk Message

Bulk Message

  • Select Phone/Mobile Number (On which field the Message is to be sent)
  • Select option selected users/ All users (to which user wants to send the message)
Bulk Messages select users

Bulk Messages select users

  • Click on WA Templates appears at the bottom and select template then click on send template.

Once the “Message sent” toaster will appear after sending the messages.

Bulk Message Confirmation

Bulk Message Confirmation


  • Currently, User can send only 1000 messages at a time