Manage the details of your business profile on the WhatsApp Sel-Serve Platform. This includes updating your business name, description, contact information, address, website, email, and operating hours. Keeping this information current ensures customers receive accurate and reliable details about your business, enhancing their experience and trust.

Profile Tab
Profile photoUpload a professional and eye-catching image that represents your business visually. This is the first thing users will see when they interact with you.

Photo Requirements:

1. Display picture should be of min 192 px and max size 5 MB.
2. Square aspect ratio.
3. PNG or JPG (JPG recommended)
Business descriptionProvide a concise yet informative overview of your business, highlighting its key features, products, or services.
Business websiteInclude your primary website URL where customers can find more information about your offerings and explore your brand further.
Additional business websiteIf applicable, add another website URL relevant to your business, such as a landing page for a specific product or service.
Business email addressDisplay a dedicated email address for business inquiries, ensuring a direct channel of communication with potential customers.
Business addressShare the physical location of your business, enhancing credibility and facilitating local engagement for nearby customers.
About (Required)Provide a comprehensive overview of your business, detailing its mission, values, and unique selling points.
Contact details (Required)Offer multiple contact options such as phone numbers and social media handles to make it convenient for customers to reach out to you.


Learn more about business profile management here: Manage Business Profile