Billing events

The billing-event informs you if a conversation is billable or not. Learn more about Conversation based pricing.

    "app": "DemoAPI",
    "type": "billing-event",
            "type": "marketing/authentication/utility/service/FEP/FTC",
            "conversationType": "service",
            "model": "NBP/CBP",
            "source": "whatsapp",

deductions object description

typeThe type of conversation. Possible values:

- FEP (Free entry point)
- Marketing
- Authentication
- Utility
- FTC (Free Tier conversation)
conversationTypeThe type of FTC(Free Tier Conversation). This parameter is only received for type FTC.
If type='FTC' then conversationType is "service"
modelThe pricing policy model applied for this message. Possible values:

- CBP (Conversation based pricing)
- NBP (Notification based pricing)
sourceOrigin source of the conversationwhatsapp
billableThe value is either true or false depending on whether a conversation is billable or not.false

references object description

idUnique WhatsApp identifier for a message59f8db90c37e-4408-90ab-cc54ef8246ad
gsIdUnique Gupshup identifier for a messageee4a68a0-1203-4c85-8dc3-49d0b3226a35
conversationIdUnique identifier for a conversation532b57b5f6e63595ccd74c6010e5c5c7
destinationPhone number of the user engaged in the conversation.
Phone Number will be in E.164 format.

What’s Next

In the next chapter of this guide, you'll learn about subscriptions and notifications.