Save, Save & Deploy

Save Button

Assuming a journey is to be made which is complex to design and has a lot of nodes involved. You are done with designing a small part of the flow for instance say 10% of the complete. It is advised to save the progress done so far. For this purpose, you get a ‘Save’ button on the Bot Studio itself.

A click on the Save button performs an action in the backend and saves the entire progress.
You can keep your progress saved at regular intervals to avoid any loss of effort.

Save & Deploy

Alright, so once we are done with the journey building and ready with our chatbot to be seen in action, we need to host the chatbot on any channel.

The Save & Deploy button allows you to host the chatbot on any channel and see the chatbot in action. Deploy action pushes all the details saved on Bot Studio to live.

Save & Deploy is a mandatory step to see all the changes done, in the live environment.