Features and Technical Specifications

Free User-initiated MessagesUser-initiated conversations are free of charge.
No Number RetentionUses user IDs instead of phone numbers. So, you do not need to collect and store the end user's phone number.
Richer Message TypesRich message types, including carousels and keyboards, are available.
Easy Opt-inAuto opt-in when an end user contacts you through your Viber Bots channel.

Technical Specifications

Users can locate channels for Viber Bots within the Viber platform. When a user joins a Viber Bots channel or starts a conversation with the bot, they are assigned a unique identification, unique to that specific channel. This identification is generated by Viber and not based on a phone number, and is given to you so you can communicate with the user.

Communication with Viber Bots is session-based. A session begins when a user sends a message to your bot, and a charge is incurred when you send the first response. This session lasts 24 hours from the last message sent by the user, during which you can send an unlimited amount of messages without additional cost.

However, messages sent before receiving a message from the user or outside of the session window are billable.