Unused Commission Policy

According to Gupshup's Unused Commission Policy, the Partners are able to redeem their Commissions only until a stipulated period.

With effect from April 2024, Gupshup is implementing a policy regarding the consumption of Gupshup commissions. The following details of the Commission Policy are outlined as below:

  1. Commissions generated between April 1st of Year 1 and March 31st of Year 2 (referred to as the commission year) are eligible for redemption.
  2. Partners have until time March 31st of Year 3 to redeem commissions earned during the specified commission year.
  3. If commissions remain unused after March 31st of Year 3, they expire and become unredeemable. Expired commissions are displayed as 'EXPIRED' in your Partner Portal account.
    For example, if you earn a commission in June '22, you have until March 31st '24 to redeem it. After March 31st '24: Any commissions earned during the commission year April '22 to March '23 that remain non redeemed, expire and become non redeemable from April 1st '24 onwards.
  4. It is the responsibility of each partner to monitor and redeem their commissions within the specified timeframe to avoid expiration.
  5. Expired commissions are no longer accessible for redemption through the Partner Portal after the expiry date.
  6. Gupshup provides notifications and reminders to partners regarding upcoming commission expirations to ensure awareness and timely redemption.
  7. Gupshup reserves the right to update or modify the Unused Commission Policy with prior notice to partners, as necessary.