Partner Portal enables you to apply for partnership with Gupshup and then to WhatsApp. Once you become authorized partners with Gupshup, you can see messages being sent, delivered, read and failed within a particular time period by your customers through WhatsApp.

Partners are either Independent Service Providers (ISVs) or Tech Providers (TPs). ISVs and TPs have additional technical expertise, which they utilize to create value on top of the Gupshup offering for their customers. Gupshup provides these ISVs with partner APIs, as well as the partner portal user interface to manage their customers and their whatsapp needs.


Tech providers are a new construct introduced by Meta on 31st Jan 2024. Learn more about tech providers.


Partner portal only supports Whatsapp as a channel. The conversational engagement tools such as bot studio, journey builder are offered as part of the console track and are not available to partners as of now.

Partner Portal provides interfaces to manage WABA applications either created by Partner's customer or created on behalf of customers by the Partners. Based on application usage, Partner's are given discounts and commission along with analytical insights about the app usage.

Sign up as a Partner

You can sign up as a partner here, by providing basic information regarding your business. Our team reviews each partner request and assesses each partner’s needs and suitability for Gupshup. Once the partner request is approved and the Partner Portal is activated for the partner.

Partner APIs

Gupshup exposes partner APIs to our partners. Partners typically use these partner APIs, to create their own branded user interfaces, which are exposed to their customers.
Partners can use a self serve portal, for their customers WABA management. We also offer a whitelabeled user interface called Partner Customer Portal(PCP). PCP is a whitelabled UI offering which can be branded with the partner logo. PCP is intended to be used by partner customers i.e businesses which are served by the partner.


Note - We keep enhaching partner APIs to support new features launched by Meta


As a partner, while you are serving multiple businesses it is important that you have access to analytics related to their Whatsapp Usage. In the partner portal, you can have a look at all the customers onboarded as well as their usage data i.e conversations and messages.


For partners, the prepaid method of billing is available. Partners recharge their Gupshup wallet, and based on their customer’s usage deductions are done from the wallet. For prepaid partners, commissions are also applicable.