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How to publish a bot on WhatsApp

Create your Facebook Business Manager account

  • Once business verification has been completed, the Facebook team will review your account. Once it's been approved, you can create a WhatsApp business account.


You can't create a WhatsApp business account until you complete the business verification. If you're creating an account on behalf of a business, they need to complete business verification before you can send a message from their WhatsApp business account.

Create a WhatsApp business account

  • Log in to Business Manager and click Business settings in the top right.
  • Below Accounts, click WhatsApp accounts and click Add.
  • On the Create WhatsApp account screen, enter a name for your business below Account name.
  • In the Messaging for box, there are two options:
  • Select Your account to create a business account for yourself.
  • Select Client's account to create an account on behalf of a business. Enter its Business Manager ID, which you can find in its Business Manager settings.
  • Below Time zone, select the time zone where your business is located.
  • Under Local currency, select the local currency of your business.
  • The currency you enter and the currency you plan to pay your invoice in must match.
  • Below Payment method, select a method of payment for your ads. If you don't have a current line of credit for payment, you can set one up.
  • Below PO number, enter the purchase order (PO) number that will appear on your invoices.
  • Below People, search for people you want to add to the account or choose them from the list.
  • Select the role you'd like to assign to each person.
  • Admin access allows people to make any changes to the account.
  • Standard access allows people to manage phone numbers, edit message templates and see metrics.

Add a phone number to your WhatsApp business account

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager.
  • Select the WhatsApp business account you want to set up a phone number for.
  • Navigate to the top bar and click Phone numbers.
  • Click Add phone number.
  • Enter your phone number and display name. Your customers will see the display name when your messages appear in their WhatsApp app.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Done.
    Your phone number will have a Name pending review label below Certificate. Once it's been approved, you'll see a View button.


For guidelines on selecting a phone number for your business, refer here.

Set up your environment (Docker)

The application is based on Docker. You can follow either of the two Facebook proposed approaches => On-premise or Amazon Web Services (AWS) to setup your environment.

Make a note of your unique Docker URL, username and password as this is to be submitted to us for mapping your WhatsApp business phone number with the Gupshup bot.



If you need help setting up a docker or want us to setup a bot for your WhatsApp Business, kindly reach us at [email protected]

Submit credentials

  • Log in to the Gupshup website.
  • Go to Dashboard tab > My Bots section.
  • Select the button under the Publish column against the bot you wish to publish.
  • A list of channels will appear. Click on the Publish button against WhatsApp for Business.
  • Scroll down and click Submit Credentials.
  • Enter the required information copied from Docker earlier.
  • Click the Submit button.

Message Types Allowed

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Sticker
  • Audio
  • Document
  • Contacts
  • Location

List Messages

  • Messages including a menu of up to 10 options
  • Offers a simpler and more consistent way for users to make a selection when interacting with a business

Reply Buttons

  • Messages including up to 3 options —each option is a button
  • Offers a quicker way for users to make a selection from a menu when interacting with a business

Single Product Messages

  • Messages with a single product item from the business’ inventory
  • The product is displayed in a Product Detail Page (PDP) format

Product Detail Page (PDP) format

  • Whenever a user clicks on a specific item, Product Detail Page (PDP) format shows the product's latest info and displays the product.
  • Currently, PDPs only support product images.

Multi-Product Messages

  • Messages containing a selection of up to 30 items from a business’ inventory

Menu triggered when user clicks on Start Shopping (Action button):

Shopping Cart Experience using Product Messages

  • After viewing products, a customer can add them to their shopping cart and send that cart to a business.
  • A shopping cart is unique to a person/business chat thread in a specific device. Only one cart is created per chat thread between customer and business and carts do not persist across multiple devices. Once a cart is sent, the customer can open another cart with the business and start the process again.
  • A shopping cart has no expiration date. The cart persists in the chat thread until it is sent to the business. Once sent, the cart is cleared.
  • Customers can add up to 99 units of each single catalog item to a shopping cart, but there is no limit on the number of distinct items that can be added to a cart.
  • Once a cart has been sent, no edits can be made. Customers can send a new cart if they need new items, or would like to change their order.
  • Businesses cannot send carts to customers.
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