Feature #4: Campaigns

This is used for sending messages to records under a particular campaign on Lead and Contact Object records.

Steps –

  • Go to the Gupshup App
  • Select Campaign Tab
  • Select the desired Campaign on whose records we want to send message.
  • Add leads/contacts (as campaign members)
  • Click on the “Send WhatsApp Message”

  • Select Channel (from where you need to send the Message)
  • Select Number type (On which the Message is to be sent)
  • Click on the template Selection Button on the Bottom Left
  • Template Selection tab will pop up
  • Select Category of the template
  • Select the template for the category
    • There are four categories – Text, Image, Video and Document
    • The selected template caption can be previewed in the template preview ox below,
    • For Media files, user need to upload the files and preview will be available on the screen.

  • Click on Send Button

Note* - Message is sent to all the numbers from the campaign which had Opt-In as “True/Checked”.